Tabletop Roleplaying – My First Time

“Svavelvinter” by Fria Ligan, my very first tabletop RPG D:

The idea of roleplaying in person scares me a bit. I had imagined it would feel like being back to taking acting classes, meaning being certain that I suck and that the others are just too polite to say anything.
I have imagined roleplaying with me would simply be an embarrassing experience for everyone involved. But somehow I have still been curious (it IS hard to resist fantasy worlds, pretty art and being the single hope of a doomed world), and now it is happening.

A friend of mine has taken it upon himself to show me the way of the world, and last week we sat down and started creating our characters. Which, it turns out, rocks no matter if it is a video or a tabletop game.

I’ll admit that I got a bit hyper. There were giggling, reading sneakily ahead and general shout-outs for booze (which we didn’t even have. A slight set back).

It is so weird though, that feeling of getting to choose exactly who you want to be in a world with no limits. Do you know what I mean? Not that I hate myself that much IRL, but like I can’t do pyrokinesis or anything truly useful here. I guess I also love the (imaginary) feeling of being powerful and in control. This all sounds very depressing lol.

The character I’m working on is a young woman- a bard who has a special bond with animals, is somewhat of an outcast and has dormant magical powers. Yes, I am pathetic enough to create a me-but-way-WAY-better char.

no excuse_awkvard_girl_gif

The game we will be playing is called Svavelwinter, I am not that familiar with the world yet but this is what the creators from Fria Ligan say about the settings:

“It takes place in the Tracorian world, which is similar to Renaissance Europe of the early 16th century, but with notable differences. It is an animistic world where living clouds, mountains and winds coexist with dragons and other mythical beasts.”

Svavelwinter claims a groundbreaking game system, that will allow players to enjoy anything from classic adventuring to character driven drama to strategic battle. I find that freedom fascinating, no clue how they will make it work though, tabletop newb that I am. I’ll find out soon enough I guess.

To sum it up I’m stoked to continue this tabletop RPG-thing! I had a great first experience. : D (that’s what he saaaaid)
sexy_wink_paul rudd
(Give me a break, that was the least horrendous of all virginity-jokes I almost inserted in this post. Only got +1 resist to immaturity after all.)



3 thoughts on “Tabletop Roleplaying – My First Time

  1. When you find the right party it can be a truly awesome experience. My favorite session was when we cast enlarge person on an already massive barbarian and watched him destroy a goblin party with a club and his man-bits.

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    1. Haha! That is brilliant. The only proper way to destroy goblins. (Y)

      We will have our second session tonight, finally. Hoping I will feel comfortable and have lots of fun. Any tips for a newbie? 😀


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