Scary good art – Karl-Johan Thole

NOTE: When I say scary good, I mean it in all its various implications. His creations are not for the faint of heart. You have now been warned.

Karl-Johan “Utte” Thole and I studied game design together at university, but he is just on completely another level when it comes to painting. He is never pleased with his work though, which I think is crazy because look at the stuff, but that seems to be the curse of almost all truly creative people in this world.

Anyway, enough blabbering. Just in time for this the spookiest of months and with Halloween soon upcoming- feast your eyes and fuel your nightmares with these babies! ;_;


Hang this suave horror above your bed, I dare you.


Inspired by Maxim Verehin & Gottfried Helnwein.
(Though rumour claims it actually depicts me on monday mornings.)

A study from the movie
A still study from the movie Triangle.

Wow. I wish I could paint like that! The skin and lighting are just amazing don’t you think?

“Subject X”

Such a charming creature. Love the almost chalky feel of this and can I just say, you have one twisted imagination Utte. My mom claims I have, but yours is just way waaay worse.


Aptly named, here is a 3D model of another of his beloved mutated, blood-dripping aliens. Such nice work on the topology, I could never get that quite right hehe.
I faced this creature in a prototype game they made for the Oculus Rift and all I remember after that is screaming and trying to get the Rift of my head. So I guess that’s a job well done.

He also does more err, non-revolting paintings, mostly studies like for example these two:

A woman, in profile, wearing a feather earring.
“Study – Emelie”. Original photo by David Bellemere.
Black and white painting of a young alternative woman with lots of jewellry and dreadlocks.
“Value study”

I especially like the contrast of sharp versus smudged in the last one. (And can I please have her hair and jewelry.)

If you liked, or got disgusted but also intrigued and impressed with what you saw, Karl-Johan has a DeviantArt account , go check it out and show him some love! And thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it. : )



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