Being Introverted- What Does It REALLY Mean?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about this seemingly small word. Introvert.

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Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it affects every part of your life, not to mention your mental health when each type’s core need is not met.

For introverts this need means a lot of alone time, for extroverts social interaction. And I think that since what you are “supposed” to be in order to be successful and popular in today’s society is social and active- introverts can sometimes have  a hard time. Even more so since the true meaning of introversion isn’t common knowledge, leaving many to feel like there is something wrong with them.

I’m hoping to spread a bit of light on the subject so that we can all understand each other a bit better and become more accepting of who we are. 🙂

What Being Introverted DOESN’T Mean

Let’s start by clearing up some misconceptions. Contrary to common belief, being introverted does not have to mean that you:

  • are painfully shy
  • never speak up in public
  • do not like people

An introvert CAN of course have these traits, but it is not what makes them introverted.

What It DOES Mean

Being introverted mean that you gain your energy from yourself, from being on your own. You need space and alone time to recharge your batteries, while an extrovert will become energized by their surroundings and by being around other people.

I could never say it better than this infographic by Roman Jones:

Dr Carmella's Guide to Understanding the Introverted
Dr. Carmella’s Guide ❤

Think you might be an introvert?

I’d say the amount of times you giggle at and identify with these graphs from Buzzfeed could be a decently accurate and quick (or at least amusing) way to measure your level of introversion. 😛

graph 1 -introvertgraph 2 -introvertgraph 3 - introversiongraph 4 - introversiongraph 5 - introversiongraph 6 - introversiongraph 7 - introversiongraph 8 - introversiongraph 9 - introversiongraph 10 - introversiongraph 11 - introversiongraph 12 - introversiongraph 13 - introversiongraph 14 - introversiongraph 15 - introversiongraph 16 - introversiongraph 17 - introversion

Final words

Of course people aren’t binary. Most have a mix of introvert and extrovert traits and nothing says an introvert can’t be the life of the party or that an extrovert can’t be uncomfortable around people.
The one thing that really differs is how you stay on top of the madness that is life. And if that is going into hermit-mode whenever you get the chance, escaping into your favourite book for the 17th time, then that’s cool.

You are not boring, weird or alone.

(Or maybe we both are but you know what? It’s awesome. Embrace it.)

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